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“I have worked with many different types of boards over the years with my non-profit Pivotal Directions, Marquette University, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, and the Mequon-Thiensville historical society. Having someone with Megan’s legal background, and her calm and collected business acumen would be an asset to our school board.” 

Jeff Wenzler,

Mequon resident

As I have advocated for children in the courtroom,
I will advocate for children in our school district. 

Image by MChe Lee


As a Mequon resident, I was a Wilson Wildcat, a Steffen Spartan, and a Homestead Highlander. This is my first time seeking an elective office.  I have served on various boards and committees in my professional career and was raised to have a strong commitment to serving others and the community.  


My personal commitments to MTSD:


  • Sincere concern for the assurance of safety for all staff and students in our community’s seven educational outlets.

  • Intense passion for outstanding excellence in every area of academia within our district.

  • Expertise in comprehensive services for all children within our district.

  • Provide an array of college and trade opportunities from middle school through high school graduation with an emphasis on providing a conviction to increase and enhance advanced placement classes.

  • Provide technology that meets our students’ academic needs.

  • Dedicated to serving the members of this community in the areas of budget, finance, and law from the local, state and federal arenas.

  • MTSD has thrived through the years as a pinnacle of excellence in the areas of music, art, and theater and the aspirations of so many youths are at the forefront of these successes.

  • Extracurricular activities need to be continually enhanced in areas such as debate, forensics and many more.

  • Recreational and summer programs are unique and necessary as they provide opportunities for both youth and adults in all areas – Please see MT Rec Activity Guide.

  • Affordability to provide the mental, physical, and social components necessary for MTSD students to prevail as our future leaders in society.

  • Strengthen school spirit and as a HHS 4-year varsity athlete, encourage children from ages 5 to 18 to thrive, love and enjoy the sport and be part of a team.



I am a lawyer and a tax advisor. Self-employed, I own Heinzelman Law & Tax, s.c. located in Mequon. 


Following high school, I graduated from Marquette University’s School of Business in 2000 with a BS in Finance and Marquette University Law School with a JD in 2008. 

I finalized my education at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law obtaining a LL.M. in Tax (Master’s of Law) in 2010. 

Image by Phil Hearing

children are our
greatest natural resource


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